Saturday, January 27, 2007

A great thing!

I'm so excited about doing this work. It's great to have something to work towards and around and someone to work with. I'm really looking forward to this collaborative effort between Deanna and myself.


Today, during my encaustic painting workshop, Trayc suggested that we have a show together. We decided to create new encaustic paintings along a central theme. After brainstorming a little, we came up with the name "Waxy Buildup," and even narrowed it down a little more to "Waxy Buildup: Cleaning House."

So we're shooting for April to have the work completed. We're each going to create ten 12" x 12" encaustic paintings, sharing the work along the way to feed off each other - figuring out what exactly these things mean to both of us and hopefully influencing each other's work in one way or another.

I'm excited about the prospect of a collaborative show and can't wait to get started!