Monday, March 9, 2009


For our show coming up in Fort Worth, Trayc and I decided to add some work in order to expand the show a bit. I think we both like the idea of it changing a bit each time it's shown.

So we're going to each make a few new paintings and also a couple of artist's books. We decided that the books would be 5" x 5" and accordion bound. Other than that and keeping with the theme, we left it open. Wax or no wax.

So I finished my first book (I'm going to do one more) the other day.

It's 5" x 5", copies, , vintage wallpaper, encaustic, and solvent transfer. I love how the paper becomes more transparent when it has wax on it. This allows you to see the wallpaper pattern through the paper.

I'm excited to see the show back together again!