Monday, March 5, 2007

in progress...

Here are my paintings in progress.

I've incorporated solvent transfers of clipart images, dress patterns, stencils, a doily, a napkin, and the trim from a tablecloth. They're all still in progress. I want to go back into most of them - adding more imagery by transferring the clipart onto the wax or drawing into the wax and adding oil paint. I also want to add more words to some - with stencils and writing into the wax.

The one on the far left in the middle row is the one that I poured the wax onto. I think I poured it a little bit thick. Here it is after the pour:

It was so thick that you could barely see the imagery, so I scraped away at it in spots and attempted to smooth it out again.

It ended up with a weird texture that I kind of like.

The ones in the top row all have dress patterns in them. I don't really like the pink one in the middle and will probably be scraping that off. I used pieces of a pattern and I like the other ones where I just used one large piece of pattern over the whole board. I also don't think the pink color works with the pattern pieces.

I'm a little unsure about the one on the bottom right. After I cut pieces off of the doily, I realized that there was a heart shape left behind. I'll transfer an image and maybe some text onto it and see what happens. That one was also poured, but not quite as thick. It might be a little too sweet with the pink heart. Maybe after adding some imagery and words it will change.

So that's it so far...

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Cyndy Goldman said...

I like it! I like it! Love "beautiful" - image and composition superb! Are you using yellow beeswax for the pour over white ground? Curious how some are darker. Sometimes fusing lightly back and forth over the whole piece will help slide some of the wax off and get the image to come forward. Nice start!